Cat Burglar

About that cat in the last post. That morning, my friend told me the following story:

She awoke at 3pm in the 3rd story hostel room the four of us were sharing to find the window open and a mewling cat on her chest. In that state of groggy confusion, she concluded that the cat had entered the room through the window. The cat began to lick her face, and she shooed it away, at which point it crawled over to the next bed and began licking mine.

It is at this point that Alea says she began to get worried.

So she called out to wake me up. I didn't respond at first, and then sat bolt upright as if I had never been asleep.

Alea explained the problem, grave as it was by saying, "Matt, there's a cat in the room! What should we do?"

Before all the avenues of possible action could be properly explored, the cat scampered out the half-open door.

I turned to Alea, said "the problem has resolved itself' and fell back to the bed, my eyes closed, as if I had never been awake.

Realizing that she would get no help from me at all, Alea went and barricaded the door with her suitcase to prevent the kitten from returning. It took her some time to get back to sleep.

I have absolutely no recollection of any of this occurring.

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