I earned my Eagle Scout last July. However, due to the fact that I was in Europe at the time, and then heading almost immediately to college in Utah, the Court of Honor was postponed until December. My super-talented photographer sister got a few shots of N. and I hanging out before the ceremony:

Good times, good times.


Conversation Piece

It's our last night in Prague, N.'s going to fly back to Columbus in the morning, and we're walking along the riverside and talking about alarm clocks.

That's right. Alarm clocks.

The alarm clocks we have. The alarm clocks we want to have. Features of alarm clocks that we think are interesting or useful, like having multiple alarm settings, or sounding like the ocean.

It occurs to me that this is the sort of thing only good friends talk about. If you talk about alarm clocks the first time you meet someone, that's strange. But talking about alarm clocks is perfectly natural for us, because we talk about pretty much everything.

And who's to say that alarm clock are less important in our lives than politics?